Friday, April 24, 2009

Ru-Mix: Get In Trouble

The Ru-Mix is brought back to its roots with this eclectic mix of pop, alternative, hip-hop and r'n'b - all the stuff that made you enjoy the Ru-Mix in the first place. Below are the newest tracks from artists we love and those that we have yet to discover. This is a great spring mix that has something for everyone. Again, listen to it in order, from beginning to end - you may be surprised as to what you'll discover. Enjoy!

Ru-Mix: Get in Trouble

01. I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the week - Mandy Moore
02. I Like You So Much Better when You're Naked - Ida Marie
03. Talk to Me - Peaches
04. Wrong - Depeche Mode
05. Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
06. Promiscuity - Antigone
07. I Poke Her Face (Ft. Kanye West, Common, & Lady Gaga) - Kid Cudi
08. Bang - Rye Rye ft. M.I.A.
09. Chillin'(feat. Lady GaGa) - Wale
10. So Good (Remix ft. Li' Wayne) - ElecktriK Red
11. Eat You Up - BoA
12. Painted Windows - Pussycat Dolls
13. Walking on the Moon - The Dream ft. Kanye West
14. Poppin' - Utada
15. I'm in Miami Bitch - LMFAO
16. The Girl and the Robot (feat Robyn) - Röyksopp
17. I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris
18. Get in Trouble Together ft. Madonna - Britney Spears

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HouseofLakme said...

It's telling me no servers are available with the requested data - for the first 2 mixes ;(