Friday, July 17, 2009

Ru-Mix: I Got You Dancing

By the cover you can tell this mix was meant to come out in late June but life got in the way. Oh well. Here's a really fun house mix that will still get you groovin' through the summer!

Ru-Mix: I Got You Dancing

01. Evacuate The Dancefloor - Cascada
Cascada is back with a song that, according to Darren Hayes, is about farting.
02. LoveGame (Party Rock Remix) Feat. LMFAO - Lady GaGa
LMFAO lends his signature rap to this track to bring it to a new level.
03. The Girl And The Robot (Ocelot Remix) - Röyksopp, feat. Robyn
Ocelot has been turning out some amazing mixes, remember that Killers "Human" mix?
04. Jai Ho (Dave Ramone & Chris Montana Mix) - A.R. Rahman
PCD-free, this brings us back to the original with a tribal beat
05. Love Takes Over (Samman's 'Boom Boom' Club Mix) - David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland
The song of the summer has so many incarnations, this one is still my favorite.
06. Say It - Booty Luv
I still can't believe these girls are called Booty Luv and are successful but the music does speak for itself.
07. She Ain't Got (Dave Aude Radio Edit) - LeToya Luckett
Woo LeToya! Even though you are Destiny Fail you can still turn it out, better than Michelle can!
08. Sweet Dreams (Looi Collins & Fred Portelli Remix) - Beyoncé
Beyoncé is a robotic tranny in this video. I'm glad she released the song though so we could get this fun remix.
09. Gifted (Steve Aoki Remix) - N.A.S.A. (feat Kanye West, Lykke Li & Santigold)
Who knew that a mashup/collaboration like this would work so well?!
10. I Gotta Feelin' (David Guetta Remix) - Black Eyed Peas
David Guetta (who produced the original) removes Fergie's annoying "Mazel Tov's" to make this song much more bearable.
11. Billie Jean (Offer Nissim Remix) - Michael Jackson
The King will certainly be missed, R.I.P. Offer brings this amazing classic into the new millenium.
12. Heartbeat (Sanno Solavas Bootleg Edit) - Madonna
Sanno Solavas is Rafael Lelis' pseudoname. Probably b/c "Heartbeat" will never be released as a single. I didn't care much for the original but again this track exemplifies the wonders of the remix.
13. Remedy (Crimes Against Disco Remix) - Little Boots
I cannot get enough of Little Boots! Dancing should be everyone's remedy :)
14. On My Shoulders (WILDLIFE! Remix) - The Dø
Never did I imagine I would enjoy a remix of this, especially since I fell in love with the haunting original (on RMV20), but here I am with my foot in my mouth.
15. Bulletproof (Foamo Remix) - La Roux
This song is one of my most played, and my personal anthem moving forward.
16. I Got You Dancing! (Jack Beats Remix) - Lady Sovereign
A dirty dirty remix that will get you movin' just like Lady Sovereign says.

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