Friday, July 17, 2009

Ru-Mix: Tell Me What You Want

Although my music tastes tend to fall on the pop / house side I do enjoy my fair share of hip-hop. It must come from Hema & Aarti, my best friends in college who definitely enjoy their "dirty south" music. Anyway, this mix here is definitely rooted in hip-hop & r&b. The tracklist is below, in the past the hip hop ru-mixes have been appreciated (RMV19 and RMV13) so I hope you enjoy this one as well.

Ru-Mix: Tell Me What You Want?

01. D.O.A. - Jay Z
Jay-Z proclaims the "death of autotune" in a really great hard hitting rap track.
02. Boom Boom Boom (ft. Kid Cudi) - BEP
Just when you start to get over Boom Boom Pow, Kid Cudi lends his magic touch to make this an all out booty-bumpin track. Fun stuff.
03. Obessed - Mariah Carey
Really, she has me from the opening line: "I was like, why're you so obsessed with me?"
04. W.F.Y. - Electrik Red
Electrik Red is quickly becoming one of my favorite groups, this song has become an anthem of sorts for many. Enjoy the raunch.
05. Imma Be - BEP
BEP's new album is solid gold. I had to resist putting more than 2 tracks on this mix!
06. Physical - Nicole Sherzinger
An unreleased gem from Nicole, produced by Timbaland and Keri Hilson - "gonna work your body like some cardio!"
07. Turntables - Ciara
Ci-Ci samples A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) and it works. As much as I like the original, this is quite enjoyable as well. Too bad it probably won't be a single due to Chris Brown's current infamity.
08. I Did it for Love - BoA
Woo Asian goodness. This girl can really dance!
09. How Do You Sleep (ft. Ludacris) - Jesse McCartney
My cousins are really into Jesse McCartney. I never took notice (except for that awesome MSTRKRFT Remix of Leavin' on RMSE: Please Don't Stop the Music) until this track. I think it's Luda that makes it work for me.
10. Down (ft. Lil Wayne) - Jay Sean
Lil Wayne is on every track out there so its inevitable the brown kids get in on it. Cute song.
11. Falling Down (feat. Paradiso Girls) - Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy! This one is a banger for sure.
12. I'll House You ('09 Mix by Treasure Fingers) - Kid Sister
Treasure fingers rework this classic with Kid Sister. All I have to say is...
13. Work (ft. Missy) - Ciara
Work work work work!
14. Patron Tequila (Space Cowboy Mix) - Paradiso Girls
"By the end of this song Ima have you drunk and throwing up" As gross as it sounds this song will still get your booty bumpin'
15. Goodbye - Kristinia DeBarge
The End.

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