Friday, July 24, 2009

Ru-Mix: I'm Not Your Toy

Ru-Mix: I'm Not Your Toy

01. We Are Golden - Mika
Mika is back with his signature "feel good" sound. A really fun song, reminiscent of "RENT" and "Glee."
02. Box N Locks - MPHO
MPHO ("mphooo") breaks on to the scene with this catchy first single. Great lyrics too.

03. Mama Do (D'Naeo Edit) - Pixie Lott
Casting Amy Winehouse comparisons aside, this remix makes for a fun bongo number.

04. Yellow Moon - Marius de Vries feat. Róisín Murphy
Recorded in 2007, this beautiful song is finally released, showing again that Ró can do no wrong.

05. Loba - Shakira
Shakira is always better in Spanish than in English. This song is so addictive! Already one of my most played.
06. Shoes - Tiga
For many this will sound odd at first but soon enough you'll be singing along to the quirky lyrics and bopping to the beat.

07. Off and On - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Originally recorded by Róisín Murphy, the song was too poppy for her. Thank god Sophie recorded it, it's perfect for her sound.

08. I'm Not Your Toy - La Roux
La Roux is burning up the UK Charts and this song is another great track, not as shrill as their previous singles.

09. Get Sexy - Sugababes
I hated this song at first but it's just too catchy to resist!

10. Je Suis Une Dolly (Me and Mrs Jones Extended) - Dolly Rockers
Brand new track from a new UK girl group. They really churn them out across the pond, eh?

11. Paparazzi (Demo Mix) - Lady Gaga
This mix brings a "rock" feel to what already is a brilliant track.

12. Fixin' to Thrill - Dragonette
Dragonette's new single, again bringing their signature dirty pop - "Go on and show me that you know how to use it and do your duty."

13. Lisztomania - Phoenix
New French Band - with the best album name ever: "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"

14. I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
It's just good.

15. Kind of A Girl - Tinted Windows
Featuring Jimmy Iha and Taylor from HANSON. Who knew?

16. Eh, Eh (Bollywood Remix) - Lady Gaga
Gaga meets Bollywood? Yes please!


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